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The RSEA is an independent, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization of retired State of Illinois employees and their survivors.

Last year State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) had nearly 70,000 retirees and survivors receiving over $2.1 billion in retirement annuities - those are not small numbers.
While others in Illinois may fixate on the $2.1 billion, we want to show the influence of tens of thousands of retirees speaking with a unified voice.

We hope you will join us in our efforts. Your membership is important to the RSEA, our retirees, and to you. The more members an organization has, the stronger it becomes, and we use that strength to protect the rights and benefits of State retirees. Our membership dues allow us to fund our efforts to show elected officials and other policymakers that State retirees are actively interested in decisions that affect us.


TRAIL MAPD Open Enrollment Meeting Dates

CMS has published the dates for their TRAIL Open Enrollment Seminars.
The complete schedule for all 16 days is located here => 2023 TRAIL Seminar Dates

Note: It appears that PRE-REGISTERING for these TRAIL sessions is not required, just show up.

This information, and more, can be found at the CMS web site: https://cms.illinois.gov/benefits/trail.html


Latest Information on TRAIL (as of 11/16/2022)

Members of the RSEA Executive Board testify at COGFA Hearing

Members of the RSEA Executive Board testified at the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) hearing, held November 15,2022. They spoke of the concerns RSEA has with the award of next year's TRAIL contract to AETNA, specifically how our members will have access to providers who are not part of Aetna’s network and how Aetna will manage insurance claims.

A copy of our testimony at the COGFA hearing can be found here ==> RSEA Testimony at COGFA Hearing

Additional information about the COGFA hearing can be found at the WCIA news website:   CMS & Aetna testify before lawmakers

The Benefits of Membership

The RSEA advocates for its membership as a whole – The Association participates in lawsuits to preserve and protect our healthcare and pension annuity benefits.  Additionally, we monitor proposed legislation that may affect retirement benefits, contacting legislators, and even making proposed changes when needed.

Other member benefits include a monthly newsletter (The Reporter), interesting guest speakers at our monthly meetings (ranging from representatives of the Alzheimer’s Association to gubernatorial candidates), and access to our Facebook group (which allows us to stream our monthly meetings to our members who might live outside the central Illinois region).

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Flu Shot Availability

                         Flu Shot Info

Beginning in October, the State of Illinois will offer free flu shots to its employees and retirees. This year’s agency schedule is posted online now; however, other locations may add dates and locations in the near future. Some agencies are returning to in-house scheduling while others have not. Please note the dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

Check the Flu Shot website regularly as updates will be coming for other areas as we receive them.

For outside the Springfield area: your best option may be to contact your local health department for times and availability or contact your health plan to locate where you can get your free flu shot. REMINDER: All insurance carriers provide a free flu shot to state employees.
*It is also important to note that you can get a flu shot at your doctor’s office and most pharmacies and they simply bill your insurance. Please contact your health plan administrator for details about this option.