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The latest word from CMS regarding the availability of AETNA compatible providers in The Villages, Florida area:

  • We have reached out and were advised that The Villages Health System does not want to contract with another Medicare Advantage carrier.  There are other options in the area-some even in the same complex that are Aetna providers.  I’ve attached a list of those providers for you.

List of AETNA Providers in The Villages Florida

In September, CMS announced that beginning January 1, 2023, there will be one medical and prescription drug plan for all TRAIL members; the Aetna Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) PPO Plan. This new plan will replace your current plan, whether you’re currently enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare MAPD Plan, or one of the MAPD HMO plans (Aetna, Health Alliance, or Humana).
Since that announcement, several questions we’ve received have been about your prescription drug coverage. Therefore, we’ve put together a short list of Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, to address your concerns.

To view Aetna’s MAPD PPO Plan FAQs regarding your new Prescription Drug coverage, click here.

Any questions retirees have may about coverage in the new AETNA MAPD plan for State of Illinois should be directed to: Aetna at 1-855-223-4807 from 8am to 8pm CST or by visiting to learn about plan benefits, find providers, and look up prescription drugs.

Information about Illinois Tax Rebates being issued, starting September 12th.

As many Illinois State Retirees typically owe no Illinois State tax and therefore do not normally file an ICR (Property Tax) state tax form, they might miss out on being AUTOMATICALLY eligible for these rebates. It is for those members that we provide this information:

Department of Revenue Information Bulletin (In-depth Explanation of the Rebate Program)
IDOR Document/FY 2022-27_N0628.pdf

RSEA 2022 Christmas Party News

Click on the links below to find the latest information about our 2022 Christmas Party.

Luncheon Menu & Reservation Information     Party Menu and Reservation Info
Form to Request Tickets to our 2022 Christmas Party   Reservation form


RSEA Facebook Users

It has been brought to our attention, the recent trend of Facebook account hi-jacking.
In the interest of protecting our members, we offer these suggestions to secure your Facebook accounts.

How to Change your Facebook Password Password Instructions
How to Limit Access to your Contact List Contact List Instructions
How to Setup 2 Factor Login Authentication 2 Factor Login Instructions

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