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SERS Update on Back Wage Adjustments 03/10/2023

Click on the link below to be forwarded to the SERS website for their latest update:
Retiree Backpay Info

State of Illinois BE WELL Virtual Cooking Class

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Be Well Illinois would like to invite you to join the Quick, Easy, Fresh: Everyday Meals In Minutes Virtual Cooking Demonstration.
The workshop will be held Wednesday, March 22nd 2023 12:00PM - 1:00PM CT, in recognition of National Nutrition Month.
To REGISTER click here.


State of Illinois BE WELL updates for March 2023

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This March, Be Well Illinois, the State of Illinois' comprehensive wellness program, will focus on the following:

Download your Workout Bracket
Match your bracket with the games played during the tournament. For each game played, perform 3 sets of the exercises assigned to each team for the allotted time on the bracket.
Once the tournament is over, submit your bracket to [email protected] to be entered for a chance to win some awesome Be Well Prizes.

Enroll in this webinar
Mental Fitness for Optimal Brain Power Webinar, Wednesday, March 15, 2023, from 12:00¬ – 1:00 PM CT

Right On the Money is a 4-week financial education program wrapped in a fun game.
The more you learn about finances, the more confident you can feel about your decisions

Money mastery can be intimidating.
Right On the Money removes the fear by making learning about finances fun, then inspiring simple steps to financial well-being.
Choose 3 money topics in each round (from a list of 18) most relevant to your life stage and interest.

Earn virtual dollars by answering quiz questions in categories of your choice.
Your goal is to earn $100,000 in the Money round and $200,000 in the Double Your Money Round for a total of $300,000.
Be sure to participate with a team, friend, family member or co-worker for support.

For participating in the Right On the Money Challenge you will have a chance to win Be Well SWAG or one of the grand prizes by completing any of the categories listed:
1. Weekly drawings for earning $100,000 in the Money Round
2. Midpoint drawings for earning at least $200,000 in the Double Your Money Round
3. Final drawing(s) for reaching program goal of $300,000, being a top team of (4) earning $1 million in total or completion of a financial coaching session.

Winners can choose from select prizes ($50 value) including:
• Ear buds
• Smart scale
• Activity tracker
• Shoe store gift card

SERS is e-mailing all their retirees with the following ‘heads-up’ –

"You are receiving this email to inform you that federal taxes were under withheld on your January 2023 SERS benefit check. Federal withholding will be correct on your February 2023 benefit check. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. You don’t have to do anything, but you can change your monthly federal withholding by completing and submitting a new W-4P, which you can find HERE"

* * * * Latest Update from SERS - -1/19/2023 * * * *

SERS just confirmed. NO DOUBLING of FEBRUARY Withholding.

There will be no adjustment of the withholding for January by the State. February checks will have the correct amount of withholding for one month. If you wish to adjust your W4 to makeup for the error you may get the forms from the SERS website. You can also make an estimated payment for 2023 taxes through the website or wait until 2023 taxes are completed next year and be prepared for a reduced refund or to owe the amount of the January error.

State of Illinois BE WELL updates for January 2023

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This January, Be Well Illinois, the State of Illinois' comprehensive wellness program, will focus on Cervical Health and Thyroid Awareness. Their goal is to support our members by providing comprehensive wellness resources.

Visit the Be Well Illinois website this month to learn about:

**** Cervical Health and Thyroid Awareness Month

**** How to Earn Some Extra Money From Your Hobbies

**** Glaucoma and Nutrition: Why What You Eat Matters

**** Exercise and Cervical Cancer

**** Thyroid Problems in Teens

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