Contact Information for Elected Officials
November 2013

Pension Legislation
On November 7, the General Assembly completed the fall veto session. No action was taken regarding pension change proposals for the five state retirement systems. The plan has been for the Conference Committee on Senate Bill 1, made up of Senators and Representatives, to make a proposal to the full Senate and House of Representatives.

Because there may be proposals that would reduce and/or freeze the annual annuity adjustment, referred to as a COLA, it is important for retirees, their family members, and their supportive friends, to contact the offices of their Senator, Representative, and the Governor to tell them how you feel about this. This can be done by regular mail, telephone, or email.

Refer to the October issue of “The Reporter” to review additional information regarding Pension Legislation and where to find helpful information about the issues concerning state retirees and problems with the state’s funding of the pension funds. Refer also to the Legislative page on the RSEA website at

Retirees did not cause the “unfunded pension liability” budget problem. They provided the service they were asked to provide in return for salaries and retirement benefits they were told they would receive. They contributed financially and timely to their respective retirement systems as required by the laws passed by the Legislators and the Governors of the State.

It is recognized by all reliable sources that the budget problems of the State of Illinois’ pension systems were largely the result of the State’s elected officials’ failure to consistently and properly fund the retirement systems as required over a period of decades. If that hadn’t happened, it is estimated the retirement systems’ funds would be 70-80% funded today.

Sources For Contact Information of State Senators, Representatives, and Governor

County Clerk office
County Election Board office
These offices can be found in your local telephone directory.

The website contains contact information for the offices of State Senators and Representatives. Go to the website; then click on ‘Members’ under the column for Senate or House.

The website contains contact information for the office of the Governor. Go to the website; then click on ‘Contact Us’.